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Let’s make your future brighter!

Hey there, I’m SOREL RADU, an experienced Executive Coach of many CEO’s and Business Leaders, Managers and Performers.

The last company of which I am a proudly Co-Founder is Centre for Effective Coaching, partner of Performance Consultants International, the company founded by Sir John Whitmore, the father of modern Executive Coaching.

I am also the Coach of all the entrepreneurs engaged on Guerrilla Camp Accelerator, already for the second edition.

I call my work Transformative Coaching, since my 1:1 conversational process focus on facilitate Clarity and Change.

With a strong business and entrepreneurial background, built over a 25 years career of top level management, I’m specialised in Leadership and Team Management, in providing guidance for Growing your Business or Developing your Career.

For those who have a dream, a business idea and already thinking to become an Entrepreneur, I’m here to help you to START YOUR START-UP.

I work with CEO’s & Business Leaders to find for them CLARITY and VISION. To overcome those Limiting Beliefs that each individual has established unconsciously for himself and has to fight to reveal and conquer.

Starting from 2004 I dived deep in the waters of NLP for more than 3000 hours of learning and formation as NLP Master Coach and Trainer, and also in Behavioural Coaching formation.

I have worked with the top trainers of the industry like John Grinder, Stephen Gilligan, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, Judith Lowe, Peter Schutz and so many others, all very respected professionals of the field, to whom I will thank until the end of the road!

With this two different formations I work with my clients on two parallel levels: at surface/conscious level and deep/unconscious level, in the same time. Probably that’s where the results are coming from.

I like to work with people who really want to work on themselves to reach what they are meant to become in this life.

Working with Team Leaders, from CEO or Business Owners to Middle Managers, I work on CLARITY for their GOALS, ALIGNMENT of the VALUES and producing RESULTS as a MOTIVATED TEAM under the leadership of a true LEADER.

The most usual achievements of my clients are UNLOCKED POTENTIAL and OVERCOMING LIMITING BARRIERS.

In other words at the end of the road they ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS and become THE BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES.

I like to use sailing as a metaphor for life, as we are navigating in our life from one point to another on uncertain conditions.

But during the summer I transform the metaphor into a real thing, so I move with my clients and friends literally on the sea, teaching them how to enjoy the sea, managing the winds and the sails, navigating on a Sailing Boat from island to island.

That’s me.

Who are you and where do you want to go?

Who do you want to be?

I’m looking forward to see how can I help you to be more of yourself and reach your purpose! You can make your first step just by weighting me an email, it’s really easy, you know 😉 . Or leave me your email an I will make the first step asap.

Long story short. My story.

La inceput a fost cuvantul.

Ei bine pentru mine cuvantul asta de inceput nu era Coach. Nici nu stiam ca exista, la vremea aia, adica nu altfel decat in sport.

Pentru mine cuvantul era “mai repede” sau “mai sus”. Sau “foarte sus, foarte repede”. Eram Directorul de Vanzari al unui grup foarte mare si foarte dinamic, un etalon al performantei in business-ul acelor ani, MediaPro Group.

Asa ca si focusul meu era mega-performanta. Asa am inceput, asta a fost drive-ul meu initial.

Si cu acest drive m-am inscris intr-un program de NLP al Mindmaster, coordonat de Austrian Training Center for NLPt, pe scurt Catalin Zaharia si Peter Schutz au fost lanternele mele de ghidaj. Carora le voi multumi intotdeauna pentru primii pasi!  In cadrul acestui program lucram mult intre noi si  lucrul cu alti oameni, sedintele de coaching in care eram implicat ca observator, client sau coach, a inceput sa-mi deschida ochii si sa-mi ascuta atentia.

Am realizat ca pluteam intr-o oarecare ceata, pe care nu o percepeam, asa cum nici pestii nu percep apa in care inoata.  Cata ceata este pretutindeni, cata ceata se propaga pe toate difuzoarele posibile, si ce generatori priceputi de ceata suntem noi insine.

Am realizat apoi un lucru urias, si anume ca eram intr-o poveste, pe care chiar daca eu o scrisesem, nu era neaparat a mea. Dar si faptul ca nu sunt captiv in aceasta poveste si ca daca incep sa o vad, pot sa ies din ea, asa cum scap dintr-un vis, doar daca ma trezesc. Ca  nu e neaparat sa o duc pana la capat, in forma ei actuala, daca decid ca vreau sa o schimb.

Iar faptul ca vroiam sa ies din povestea asta, chiar daca era o poveste de succes, mi-a spus ca acel tip de succes nu mai era al meu.

Schimbarile din viata mea au curs apoi una dupa alta, drumul meu in formarea de coaching s-a intersectat  cu toate povestile despre Erickson, Satir, Pearls, Bateson, Gallaway, Whitmore, Bandler si apoi intalnirile in carne si oase cu  John Grinder, Stephen Gilligan, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, Judith Lowe, Frank Pucelik, Joseph O’Connor, Charles Faulkner & more, toate aceste intalniri, care au fost de fapt niste calatorii incredibile, au creat in jurul meu o noua poveste din care n-am mai putut sa ies, pentru ca de fiecare data, mai descopeream o pagina pe care vroiam s-o citesc, o camera in care nu fusesem inca sau un varf de munte de pe care vedeam un nou orizont. The perfect trap!

Imi place sa spun ca e o poveste mult mai buna, care a dat nastere, pentru mine  “celei mai bune dintre lumile posibile”.

Si asa am inceput sa vad si povestile altora si am simtit ca merita sa-i ajut sa-si schimbe cursul, daca asta isi doresc, si, daca nu le este inca suficient de limpede, sa–i ajut sa gasesca drumul cel bun.

Cred ca am spus de 20 de ori cuvantul “poveste” in textul asta 🙂 Nu intamplator. Pentru ca… there is nothing else! Everything is only a story! But is your story, so it matters!

Sunt SOREL RADU, gazda Salonului de Coaching, unde va astept oricand,

Sa dam ceata la o parte, ca sa putem vedea departe!

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